André Dieterman (1965) photographs his first black and white images of known and unknown artists at a young age in his home port of Utrecht. Over the years, André has developed from this passion into a leading portrait photographer with his own distinctive style. Hard and radical. Raw and catchy. Gripping and authentic. With which he perfectly captures the often elusive emotion of the moment.

His work is both digital and analog and mainly focuses on penetrating black-and-white portraits and intriguing photo documentaries at home and abroad. André works autonomously and on commission, with various clients using his photography for, among other things, international advertising campaigns and for a distinctive visual language. He regularly exhibits in various galleries and in his own combined photo studio and gallery, located in a historic building in the center of Zaltbommel, The Netherlands.

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Picture by Diana Monkhorst


What people say...

Patricia Steur - Photographer 'André's photos are hypnotic because you keep looking and wondering what the subject thought, had just done or is going to do. His photographs are often unsparing, very true, with a preference for black and white. He likes certain styles of music and then plays with the light or rather with the dark for drama, which also succeeds.'

It does take a bit of guts to photograph so honestly. He can do that because he makes contact with his subject. He invites them for the game, to make a good and interesting photo together.

'André is one of my favorite photographers and people!'
Patricia Steur

Jim Caspar - LensCulture This work IS rock 'n' roll. You have a really edgy and intense style. And there's no doubt that it is something that is derivative of your relationship with analog materials; and perhaps your relationship with black and white tones. I find your photographs are thoughtful, thought-provoking, and moody. They give me the sense that I am immersed in the spaces and places with these rich personalities.
'I enjoyed viewing your work André. Again, your images are intense and exciting!'
Jim Caspar - LensCulture
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