Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni is a village in the province of Arezzo, curiously located at a point which is located at 33 km from Arezzo, 33 km from Siena and 33 km from Florence.
Today three quarters of Castelnuovo Sabbioni disappeared. Swallowed up by the mine that employed all its inhabitants and remained active until 1994. What remains is the center of the town’s main square, which on July 4, 1944 was the scene of a terrible Nazi massacre. That day, 75 men were brutally massacred by the SS troops, entered the country with the express purpose of making a carnage in retaliation. The same fate that accomunò many other countries in the area, in that tragic summer of 1944.
But despite this country abandoned is linked to tragic memories and is a victim of their own work, its inhabitants continue to carry on with memory, with affection, with nostalgia and with a willingness to let everyone know about their history.
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