7" single In Time | Analog photography
Promo and band photography

The Dutch band Minko is from a small town called Dordrecht. Brothers Dusty & Darryl Ciggaar and their close friend Nick Croes have known each other for almost twenty years. There’s a certain chemistry between them that’s hard to put into words.

From an early age, under the wings of their fathers and uncles, they learned how to play. They paved the way for them in a time when sparkling ice tea was the favorite beverage.. Obviously that changed. Even though they stayed close friends, they went their separate ways. After a long period of playing with other musicians, on a starry night in Bali, they looked at each other and said: shouldn’t we be playing our own music? That set the tone for the years to come. It marked the dawn of a new era where the band worked on new music. Not so long ago they teamed up with their buddy Tammo Deuling (Dawn Brothers) and the band was complete. Minko found their backbone and took off! Get ready for steaming Rock & Roll, Country Soul, Roots, sentimental punksongs, rhythm and blues and everything in between.
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